A lifetime ambition in the making

I have been very artistic since a young age and was forever drawing cartoons and making comic strips. Art didn't interest me at school as I found it too structured, preventing me from going in my own direction and I eventually stopped altogether. Over the next twenty or so years I would constantly think about getting back in to art but I didn't know where to start after computer design had become so big. In April 2018 with not a single lesson, never mind qualification, under my belt I came across a program and taught myself to use it. I was surprised at how quickly I picked it up and my ability progressed at a much faster rate than I could have hoped for and I found people asking to buy my work. I made myself a logo, bought a printer and went into business. I am fiercely proud of my work and as a rule will only use original printer ink and high quality paper in order to provide every piece with its full potential. 

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